Friday, December 12, 2008

SCS Fan Club

I did it. I joined the SCS Fan Club today. I know so many people are using Paper Craft Planet right now but I just am having the hardest time following that site. I just now figured out SCS so I figured I would support them. They have a great price for this week as well if you join.
Okay, off to address my Christmas cards..........
Have a happy day and be sure to check out the post below with the Rubber Romance Diva Jane!


Cassie said...

I joined recently too and it's nice to be able to see the Fan Club stuff. And to support the board. I'm with you - it's hard for me to figure out and do anything on PCP since it's so different!

Maria said...

The SCS fan club has some grat stuff! I do both PCP and SCS. . .both have different things to offer! I have an easier time interacting with others on PCP. . .it's fun to be able to message friends and join different groups. I like SCS because there's lot of ideas and so many fun stuff to look at but SCS is less personal!!!


Tina said...

Oh, me too. I took the plunge this week as well. Now, to find the time to look it all over and take it all in.

Michelle said...

Ok so maybe I need to check this can expect a personal email from me soon, lol!


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