Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Twinkling Tuesday #18

For this week Madelynn drew a great sketch! Be sure to check out her blog to see the featured Twinklette for this week and also check out all the other twinklettes--links on the left--to see their creations!!

Here's the sketch~

So I stared at this and it's a great sketch but I just wasn't "feeling" it so instead of stress about it, I decided to take this week off. Be sure to check out the other twinklettes creations though as I'm sure they are awesome!!


Nancy said...

Sometimes, it just doesn't happen for you!! It's a toughy, this week!!

Janna said...

I hear you on that! Sometimes if you push something into working it just doesn't come out right!


Sandra MacLean said...

Smart girl Danni! I wish I knew when to just leave things alone sometimes...I struggle until I get mad. Hope to see you create something next week. :D


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