Sunday, July 5, 2009

Followers gadget

I've had some emails from dear friends saying they are having troubles getting onto my blog. I know there is an issue with the followers gadget and Internet Explorer.
I have moved it down on my page as recommended and hopefully that will help. Another tip is to switch browsers. I switched to Firefox a while ago and haven't had any problems getting to blogs.
Yes, it's different but truly once you get use to it, I think you'll like it..I sure do.
Please let me know if the difficulties continue and I'll remove the followers gadget, I just really don't want to do that as I like to know who's stalking me...hehehe!!


Dawn (flowergal36) said...

It worked this time. I switched to Firefox and that did the trick. Hope your day is awesome...

Anonymous said...

Yes, I think it's easier to switch to FireFox and I wish everyone would do that! :) Dawn was having problems on my blog I'm glad she switched!! LOL!!

I've had to change the layout on my it was causing too many problems. I think the more "stuff/widgets" you put on your blog, the longer it takes to load the page too. I've not had any problems with your blog at all!!


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