Friday, September 18, 2009

Could it be the one??

At long last I feel like I might have found the perfect cutter/trimmer for me. Yay!! I have stuck with my old trusty Fiskars forever and really haven't been that happy with it. I've tried a few other triple track cutters over the years only to continue to be disappointed.
Well earlier in the week I ordered the new CM rotary trimmer and it arrived today!! I have played with it a little and so far I'm just loving it! I also got the wavy blade and think that will be fun.
Just thought I'd share as I know people are always on the quest for good trimmers/cutters.
If you don't have a CM consultant, I have a dear friend who is awesome, just email me!!


Beth Norman said...

Good luck. I hope it is the one! Anything would be better than Fiskars. Just got in from scrapbooking all afternoon and evening, and someone mentioned how their Fiskars blades dull after very little use. Sheesh, and I thought it was just me. It sounds like Fiskars made a cut back. All they are doing is hurting themselves; I'm buying a rotary cutter too.

Gail's Card Cafe' said...

Luckeee... I've been cutting on my Fiskars and haven't had much of a problem with it but then again I haven't been making cards and scrap pages like crazy either. LOL

Sue from Oregon said...

I have the little mini CM trimmer and I couldnt craft without it. I also just got the new SU guillotine cutter and I am in 7th heaven! Everything is straight! I have trimmers all over LOL!


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