Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thursday? really?

How on earth is it Thursday already? Wow!! 

I still don't have a creation for you. Sigh. I just haven't felt the greatest this week and my mojo is missing. I am so hopeful to get something created soon! I know I'll have some fun starting Friday as my friend, Jennie, is coming to visit and we're going to be getting crafty a bit!!

Anyhoo, while I find my muse again....tell me who inspires you in the crafty world? I know I have a list a mile long but wondered who inspires YOU!!

Have a happy day!!


dolcreations said...

I have been struggling to find my mojo too! Who inspires me in the blogging world...oh so many! I love that so many have so different can never run out of inspiration! Thank-you for inspiring me too!

Sparkle said...

I'm sure you read her blog already, but Amy Sheffer has always been my inspiration!

Jen Muller said...

You inspire me, sweet friend! :)


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