Saturday, June 30, 2012

A decision…coming soon…

I came to the decision tonight that I’m going to sell some of my stamps. A very RARE thing as I don’t part easily with crafty supplies but I decided they aren’t doing any good just sitting here when someone else could enjoy them…plus I’ve noticed my style changing a bit and so there’s more I want to buy..hehe!

I will work on getting them all listed this week on a new “For Sale” page. It will be first come, first payment, first served! :)

I know for sure there will be all my Belle’s n’ Whistles--(over 20 stamps), all my Inky Impressions, a few from Whimsy and whatever else I can find. So keep checking back if this entices you!!

Have a great night/day!!

1 comment:

Carol said...

I can relate to having way too many stamps sitting collecting dust. It's always a hard to decide what to keep and what to I sell. Can hardly wait to see what you will have for sale!!!!


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