Wednesday, October 21, 2015

A new project

I have been searching for a better way to catalog my stamps, all kinds-rubber, clear, digi, etc- and dies but just didn't know what to even do with it all.

Kristie must have been reading my mind as today she shared that she had been hearing about Evernote being used for this. I, of course, had to search it and see what and how they were doing it.

I watched THIS video and was pretty much hooked.  

So now I'm taking the agonizing task upon myself to create a stamp and die catalog online using Evernote. I can see this will be so useful with being able to search by tags, to have several photos or links with most stamps to either work I've done with that stamp or links to projects done on the web with that stamp. 

Yup, even though I teased Kristie about showing me another project for me to do, I'm thankful as it really will help me to see what I have in all my stamps with just a few clicks.

So....I may be a bit consumed for a bit but I'll try to pop in when I can.

**edited it to add that there is a limit on the amount you can upload each month. I'm debating about this--whether I want to pay or not for this. If you don't have many stamps, it would be amazing though!!**


Kristie W. said...

I'm glad you are finding it helpful! That's the video I watched as well. Good luck getting it all done. I know it will take me months to do!

Denice said...

Sounds like you'll be a busy girl for a while. I should watch the video because my stamps could use a little organization too!

Laurie Unger said...

This looks cool - just downloaded it and will play around a bit. Thanks for posting!


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