Tuesday, January 24, 2017

The weight of paper

It's amazing how much paper weighs when you have a lot of it! I noticed that my "cube" at the bottom of my 12x12 paper storage was starting to bow out from all the weight on it which caused my shelves to not stay in place. 

I decided I better come up with a different arrangement before I had a big mess on my hands from the tower collapsing.

Before, my poor paper cubes~

This is the other side of my work space "before"~

I ended up emptying the little white cabinet (by the chair) which has always held my embossing folders and moved it. Next I emptied all the 12x12 paper out of the cubes and then split the cubes up, and replaced the paper.

Here's the after~

I moved the little cabinet and found that it can hold some of my extra cardstock and odds & ends!

Now comes the fun part of getting use to where I moved everything! I also found tons of paper scraps so I think it's time to challenge myself to use up those scraps!

Have a happy day and thanks for stopping by!!

1 comment:

MiamiKel said...

A-hah! Excellent change up! Sadly, I learned the hard way when my started to bow - came home one day and found a huge mound of cardstocks all over the place. Yikes! Nice craft room!


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