Digital Stamps How-to links

Digital stamps or "digis" are so fun to use but many people don't know where to start. Here's some sites that I found that have some very good tutorials or how-to's on their sites.

I use Word to resize all my digis and I have a laser printer as the ink doesn't bleed when I use copics to color. My laser printer is a Brother and I've had it for years with no problems at all. I use mainly Copic Xpress-it paper but that's because I usually use my copics to color the images. I have used other paper before with no issues, it's your preference.

I also save all my digis to folders on my computer (that I back up often) by company so that there is never an issue of who to give credit to for the digi.
I think that the best way to figure it out is to just play around, see what you can do and see if digis are for you or not. There are many sites that have some freebies for you to try!

Have fun!!

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