Helpful Coloring Links

July 16, 2013

I recently had someone ask for my opinion/advice on coloring with copics. This made my head swell as even though I know my coloring has improved over the last few years, I am,by far, not at the level of others I follow.

I told her I would get some links together for her to help but the main thing is to practice, practice, practice. As of right now I have taken 3 online copic classes and I try to color every day, or close to every day to practice and I still have tons to learn so no matter what, just don't give up!!

I thought since I was finding the links I might as well make a page for future reference and also in case they might be helpful to anyone else. There are TONS of copic tutorials, tips, etc. out there but these are just a few that I find very useful or ones I felt could inspire. Each person has their own style too so don't feel frustrated if your coloring doesn't look like someone else's!

I will add to the list as I find more! These are in no particular order!
Happy Coloring!!


Craft Confectionery said...

Thanks so much!

Sassy Raggedy said...

Hey Danni thanks so much for this info. I must check them out...Hugs, joann