Wednesday, January 11, 2017

How Danni uses the MISTI

I have a friend who is considering the MISTI and was asking some questions so I figured it would be easier to "show" here how I use it. 

I took these photos very quickly so they aren't the greatest. 

I learned by other bloggers and wrote a post on it HERE, if you want to check out some other links/tutorials that might help you.

I have the original MISTI and this shows the grid paper pad that you get with it too.

This shows how the black foam mat comes out for stamping with unmounted rubber stamps (which is what I had on my desk). I bought extra magnets and yes, they are super strong! Be careful! I saw someone had the clever idea of putting washi tape on them for "handles" and that has helped me so much.

Once you are ready to stamp you just place your paper down, place the magnets and then I lay the stamp on top of the paper.

Then I close the lid so the stamp can adhere to the top (this is like applying the stamp to an acrylic block).

I bought these plastic quilting templates at Michael's. I cut one down to the size of the MISTI. I use these so that I can see exactly where a rubber stamp is going to stamp before stamping on the paper! Takes the guess work out of it!

Next I ink up my stamp, place the quilting template on top of the paper and close the MISTI lid, pressing gently. When you raise the lid you can see the placement of your stamp perfectly and know whether you need to position it differently or not. If it's where you want it, you can remove the quilting template, wipe it clean and stamp directly onto your paper.

My stamp was where I wanted it so I just stamped it. The advantage with the MISTI is that if it doesn't stamp perfectly you can just ink it up again and stamp it again without any worries of the paper moving.

If you are using clear stamps, you put the black foam piece in the MISTI and then put the paper in, the stamp and then stamp since you can see exactly where the clear stamp will stamp.

Hope this helps a little bit! I must say I swore I didn't need this tool. Resisted for a very long time and now I don't know how I lived without it!!

If you have any questions, feel free to email me!


Sammi said...

That is sooo cool :D

*Vicki* said...

I love my MISTI! I just saw a video from Jennifer McGuire yesterday where she talks about her magnet and laminating a paper for underneath hers. I started the video at where she talks about it here: (I thought it was a great idea and I plan on doing both...just bought the magnet! LOL!) TFS

Jean Addis said...

I love the Washi Tape idea for the magnets! You just made my life (really my husband's, lol), so much easier. Thank you very much!


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