Thursday, January 12, 2017

A little clarification on the MISTI and Quilting Template

I seemed to cause quite a ruckus by my little tutorial/tips below with the MISTI as I had lots of emails about the quilting template. I made a little video (I am NOT a good video person so bear with me) to help explain!

Here is the link to Lydia's tutorial on this which is MUCH better than mine!

I hope this helps explain it a bit better! and I will work on my video skills! LOL!


*Vicki* said...

Have you checked out the transparency sheets from Jennifer's video below that I mentioned too? That helps with placement too along with laminating a grid, I think would be very helpful! I think your idea is very clever too! :) Thanks for sharing your video!!

Jean Addis said...

Very informative, Danni. Thank you! I haven't seen the MISTI used with something like your quilting template. Great idea.


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