Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What Would You Do?

I colored this cute Happy Hoppers image last night. Had in my mind a way to finish the card but it didn't look right so now I'm stumped so I thought I'd have a little fun with this.

What Would You Do?? I'd love to hear thoughts as to what you would do to finish this card. If you see your idea being used and your name mentioned when I post the finished card, email me and I'll get a little something in the mail to you.

On to the incomplete card..........What Would You Do?? Please leave a comment before Friday, October 31st!


Heidi said...

I'm thinkin' two things-finish it off by making it a full scene w/ some grass and sky orrrrr along the top left area add 3 black or yellow gems or baubles-ok 3 things-a sentiment along the top left could be good too.

deb said...

I'm thinking bright buttons on the upper left. Since you are so good with stickles, maybe some sparkly grass in with some copics grass. Maybe a bright yellow button up there for Sunshine! Soft blue sky? This image is darling and your just a pro at coloring!

Anonymous said...

Hi Danni! hmmmm, good question! I think I would add a little sparkle to the wings, flower and antenna. add a little blush to their cheeks and ears. a little pink to the nose. ground a little more with the light tombo marker. maybe a little yellow cardstock behind the black to make it pop a little.

thanks for asking!

qlt7scrap at cox dot net

Lynn said...

Well your coloring is fabulous and I really like the embossed BG so lets see, hmmmm. I would add a strip of black card stock through the center behind the image to keep it from looking floaty and some purple ribbon and if you had a purple daisy looking flower like the one in the image I would add that to one of the corners.
Your cards are all wonderful you don't need any help! I'm sure no matter what you do with this it will look awesome!


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