Friday, December 12, 2008


Just a little update since so many of you were so kind when she had parvo. Today she had her surgery to be spayed and also she got her microchip.
She came through the surgery fine and is home resting. My little trooper.
Here's her favorite spot many dogs do you know that like rocking chairs?


Cassie said...

so sweet! i'll have to find some time to read back through old posts and find out more about her - or him.
and i'm glad you got the microchip. i hope you never have to use it. we are believers in our house. our first puppy, maddie, was a shelter dog and came with one. she actually got out of my in-laws gate (and they lived over 9 hours from us) and hit by a car. the people called the number on the tag and they tracked us down at my in-laws and we were able to have her back. once we got the next 2 dogs, they got microchips right away!

stardustgemsandribbon said...

What a sweet photograph. Hope she recovers well.
Carole :-)

Michelle said...

I want a puppy to love...........please!


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