Saturday, December 27, 2008


If you were to go and buy any trimmer that you could......what kind would you get? What kind do you have now? likes? dislikes?
I have a Fiskars one, always have had one but I'm thinking of upgrading a bit but not sure what's out there..........


Kim said...

Oh I am so going to have to come back to this post! I am wondering the same exact thing!!!! :) I have a creative memories one and i have to change the blade so frequent it's crazy! I hear the Carl Cutters are very good up a tad expensive. Can't wait to see what others post here! :)
Hugs~ Kim

Susan said...

I have the cutterpede and really like it. I've always used Fiskars but my paper kept slipping on me. The Cutterpede takes a bit of getting used to because it's like a rotary cutter in quilting, but I really love it.

Jennifer (SCS: jennifer-g) said...

Let's see...I used to use the standard Fiskars one...back in the day. But I found the measurements were ALWAYS off a little and it didn't always cut straight. I abandoned that awhile ago. I have a Carl Cutter that I use if I am cutting a LOT of cardstock to a specific size. But it doesn't work for lenghts under 2 inches. I don't think it's practical really if you're just making 1 card. {JMHO}

For my "everyday" use I use a full-size Cutterpede {12"} and a Tonic guillotine style cutter, trading off depending on exactly what I need to do with it. I have to say, for the price, I really do like the Cutterpede, it's rotary so it cuts pretty well, the blades and replacement pads are cheap and it cuts straight. I haven't had any problems with it NOT cutting all the way through paper, or giving feathery edges to the white, etc. It's lightweight and portable, I always bring it with me to Mania or crops or whatever.

Jamie Martin said...

I, like you, have a Fiskars. If you find another one you like, let me know :)

Ann Kranitz said...

I have a Fiskars that I just got on sale at Michaels and I am not happy with it. To be honest I have a really small portable cutter from Cricut that seems to be my favorite. Although I do change the blade every so often it seems to be my best choice. I also know that SU makes a GREAT one, I just have not made the financial plunge to that one.

Kimmie0270 said...

I have a Fiskars one that I like - a rotary blade one and one of those ones where the arm folds in and travels well.

But what I REALLY want is the fiskars rock paper cutter that has the ipod hook up to it - I think that would be amazing!

Totally OT I didn't realize your DH is in the Army. Will he be stateside for awhile?

Kathy said...

I have used the Fiscars for years! Had a bit of problem of the numbers wearing off, but just realized it is under warrenty! So I shall be getting another new one soon. I also have purchased Making Memories paper cutter awesome! Folds up for easier storage, has a magnetic ruler on it too, and a blade that never needs sharpening! I use this when home on everything!

Annie said...

well I have ended up with 3 different rotary cutters, one with fancy interchangable blades - none of them seem to cut exactly straight though! On my desk top I have a little guilotene (sp?) which I prefer. hugs, annie x

Susana M said...

Hey Danni,
I love my old school "school" guilotene! Its the ones we used in school not sooo long ago hee hee! Accurate and cuts like a charm but always be super careful :o) I got mine at Staples! PS: my FAV scissors are the Tim Holtz Tonics as they are serrated (sp?) so you can tell within a tiny space where to stop :o)
Hearts and Hugs
Susana M

Heather said...

Hi Danni,

Well I hate to say it, but my favorite trimmer I have is the $6 Bright Green and Pink Provo Craft Trimmer I bought at Hobby Lobby. I have 6 of them I use at my SU workshops, I also have a fiskers I had before my Provo Craft, but I like the PC one because the blade does not move as much as the Fiskers one.

I also love love love my new lever cutter I got from SU recently. It was $45 but I got it free with hostess earnings. It cuts so great for when I am doing mass cutting.

I have a little $12 4 x 6 trimmer I also got at HL that is great for trimming photos and card fronts.

So those are the ones I use the most. I use my Provo Craft flat 12 x 12 the most though.



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