Monday, January 5, 2009

I'm a winner!

Oh my!! I have really had a terrible, rotten day. But imagine my surprise when I saw this!!!
I'm so excited!!!!!!!!


Christine Riley said...

Congrats Danni! I"m so sorry yo'uve had a rotten day. I hear you on that one, my day at work was really terrible, but I'm going to sleep it off and start over tomorrow :)
Hugs, Christine

Ann Kranitz said...

Yahoo Girl!!! You rock.

Jacqueline TresBella said...

Congrats! I'm sorry you had a bad day. But it got better when you won!!! I had a busy stressful day, but when I got home, I saw that you had sent me a beautiful card! I love it! I'm taking it to school and putting it up so everyone can see

Thank you!!!!

your Bella Sis Jacqueline

Michelle said...

WhooHoo! You go girl!! Congrats!

Brandi said...

Congratulations Danni!! How awesome! I hope your day perked up.

kdsmalley said...

You go girl. I guess that bad day was made better with this.
Hope tomorrow is a much better day.

Susana M said...

Hi Danni,
Congrats...and tommorow is always a do-over day :o)
Hearts and Hugs

Susan said...

Congrats! We'll have a better one today!

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Woo Hoo!! Girl, you're always a winner in my book! ;)
hugs, Jami

Annie said...

Congratulations Danni! I hope you feel better very soon. hugs, annie x


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