Saturday, January 24, 2009

Oh yeah!

I was so inspired by the ladies today plus I have a challenge going with a friend to create at least one scrapbook page a week, that tonight I did two pages. I had so much fun!!
I must confess, that part of the reason I haven't been scrapping is because I got caught in a trap that I know better not to get in. The "comparison" trap. I look at all these beautiful pages in magazines and online and I get discouraged as my style is very traditional, very simple. But ya know what--I like it. I need to stop that comparison game and just relax and have fun!
I like my pages, I like that I use lots of photos on a page! I like stickers and I'm going to use them. So hopefully with this new release of trying to keep up with the Jones I can actually begin scrapping more again as it truly is my first love.
Here's the two pages I did tonight. Off to bed for me!


Sharon Caudle said...

Yay!!! Good for you Danni!! I love it! And I love your pages! They look great! Keep em coming girlie!!

Lorraine A said...

what lovely scrapbook pages ;-) gorgeous photo's !

Lorraine A said...

oops forgot to say , i was so impressed with your pages ,,, ha ha ive left you something on my blog :-)

Tina said...

The colors truly match the mood of the photos. Love it!

dannette said...

Hi Danni, It's Dannie : ) I know how you feel about the comparison thing. I do it too and have to say that I have not completed a page in over a month. Yikes!
I do love your pages! Hugs, Dannie

Ann Kranitz said...

Hey Girl. These are wonderful. No need for you to compare yourself to anyone. They are your memories and you should scrap them however your heart feels right doing it. I love them!!!

Michelle said...

Your pages are good - they caputer the fun at the beach! Good for you Danni, your attitude is a GOOD one! I haven't scrapped in forever and hope to start doing it soon!

jami {sgtStamper} said...

Great pages - love all those buttons and the sweet colors!
hugs, Jami

Christine Riley said...

Good for you Dani! :) These pages are adorable. I really need to get back into my scrapbooking. Great job!
Hugs, Christine :)

Heather said...


Great Layout, how sweet your pictures and elements are!!!! I need need need to get more scrap booking done!!! It is what started me in the stamping world to begin with, and I never get any done these days!!!


Janna said...

Danni these are awesome!! I love all the buttons you used and the bright papers. I know what you mean. It is hard not to compare but I think these are just as spectacular!


Cassie said...

good for you danni! that's what is so great about art - it doesn't have to be compared to anyone else. and magazines are great, but they aren't the end all, KWIM? who can honestly scrap just one photo a page??? Well, I can, but I only scrap 1 page a month, so it's not like I'm filling up album after album of one pagers.

I love your style! I love that you found some local friends to share scrapping with. I love your pages! the tags and the little button embellies are so cute!


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