Saturday, January 17, 2009

Tales of an impulsive buyer....

So last night I went to Michaels. I rarely go there but had it in my mind I wanted a new Martha Stewart punch. Well in all of my impulsiveness I bought two. The pop-up hydrangea ( like this one ) and the embossed petals border one ( like this one ). When I got them home I really looked at them and of course, tried them out. I feel so stupid that I didn't read the descriptions when I bought them. I thought the hydrangea was an actual punch out--not a pop up. And I didn't see the embossed part of the petals one. Sigh. I thought about taking them back but then thought no, I'll challenge myself to use them. They are just not what I had in my mind but crafting is all about compromise, right?
My only question, does anyone else have one of the embossing ones? When I tried it last night it seemed very faint on the cardstock. Do I need to use lighter weight paper??

**Edit** I'm taking them back, I just don't like them that well. Thanks anyway!

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