Saturday, February 7, 2009


I take some time off and wow, I'm behind, but I have been enjoying family time so it's all good. I have been working on a few things but I can't share them yet so check back later today and hopefully I'll have something new to share!!
Thanks for visiting my blog!!
Have a happy day!


Maria said...

It's nice to take a break once in a while!! Spending time with family is much more important in the scheme of things. Enjoy your break. . .we'll still be here when you get back!!


Susana M said...

Have a great Danni!!!
Hearts and Hugs

Aud said...

Hello Danni!
Thanks for your sweet words on my blog!♥
I'm so happy and excited about these things happening at Susana's place next week! :o)
I'm very honored to be asked to join such a talented group of ladies!

Shelly said...

keep enjoying the family time, Danni. We'll wait for you. : )

Heather said...

Hey Miss Danni,

You go enjoy having that Hubby Home!!! I am sure he will be glad you choose him over us as it should be!!!!!!

We got you all to ourselves the last month now it is his turn!!! LOL!!!

Have a great break!!!


Christine Riley said...

Hey Danni :) I take breaks all the time so don't feel bad :) I hope you're having a wonderful time with your hubby and the kids. I"m so glad he's home.

Hugs, Christine

Janna said...

It is nice to take a break! hope you are enjoying your time off!



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