Monday, March 30, 2009

Just a little note..

I just wanted to stop for a minute and say thank you to all of you who come visit my blog! It truly means so much to me and I truly appreciate all the comments you leave.
I have been sort of having a rough time the past few days, call it a funk or lack of mojo or whatever and it's all of YOU that have helped me to get myself out of it.
I haven't had a chance in a few days to comment on blogs but know I've looked and I've loved all the creations I've seen.
I hope that with Sam going back to work today and Matthew going back to school tomorrow that I will have a chance to get back into a routine and visit you all and leave comments again.
Anyhoo, thanks again!!!


Christine said...

I'm sorry you are feeling a little down. The mojo always seems to come back though. Just enjoy your down time.

I appreciate that you don't put awards on your blog but I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your comments. Since I'm fairly new to stamping, I appreciate any comments.

I enjoy seeing the beautiful way that you color your images. I can't afford Copics but I bought a 72 piece set of prismacolors today. I'm going to stamp something tonight so I can color it.

By the way, I would also love to hear any constructive critizm (sp) also. Something you might have done to improve the card. You might want to email that kind of stuff to me so other comments don't think your mean or something.


Janna said...

Danni, so sorry to hear about your funk. That happens to me sometimes. I think it is just our mind and body telling us to take a break. I hope to see you back around soon. Your work is always so inspiring and uplifting!


Maria Matter said...

Hey Danni, I hope you know how much you're appreciated! You give us inspiration everyday! You teach us new things and challenge us! Blogland is a better place because of you!
Prayers for peace and blessings sent your way!
Take care,
Blessings, Maria

marsha said...

Sorry to hear you've been in a funk. That happens to me too, especially when I'm tired or I want to stamp and just can't get a minute's peace to myself. I'm sure this will pass! You are so creative and talented I know you will be back soaring soon!


Nancy said...

Danni, this too shall pass! It always does, and you'll have a renewed creativity. Hang in there!

Christine Riley said...

Big Hugs to you! :)
Hugs, Christine

MarieL said...

Relax Danni. You have so much going on and you also took time to help me. Just take your time, we will be here waiting for you.


Anne said...

Sorry to hear about your missing mojo. I've only found your blog in the last couple of days and I've had such a good time looking at your creations.

I often get mine back by tidying my craft space.

PS Your poll only gives the chance to be negative, where's the button to say "I love Danni's challenge, can't get enough of them"??? :)

Take care

jami {sgtStamper} said...

We all need a break sometimes girl!! And even in a funk, you're ten times better than I am about visiting blogs! Sending you hugs!!!

Michele Spera said...

Don't worry, everyone has their time to just not "feel" their artsy flare, you hang tight, It will come flowing back:-) we all love you and your work so give yourself a chance:-)
michele spera

Sharon Caudle said...

Danni, don't even worry about it! Sorry you've been down and hope you're feeling much better now.! I visit as much as I can, but working 10 hours a day (not counting travel time) sure eats into my time to be able to blog hop much. but I sure do love it when I finally get to come visit! Your work is always gorgeous! hugs!

Maria said...

Hey Danni! I know how you feel. . I sometimes go through a funk. I'm having problems staying on top of things myself. .not because I lost my mojo. . actually, I have a lot of mojo, just not enough time to release all the mojo pent up inside of me! LOL!!

My daughter is on spring break and I don't like to hide out in my craft room . . she deserves my attention. I think that's the way things are with you too, huh! Enjoy the last days of the spring break. . we'll still be around!!



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