Monday, March 9, 2009

Prismacolors vs. Copics

Since I have started using my copics more, I have had several people ask me which I like better, my prismacolor pencils or my copics. The answer is both.
When I started stamping I started trying different coloring methods. I didn't like markers, they annoyed me and I always didn't have the colors I wanted so I started using prismacolor pencils.
Then I read about and started seeing cards made using the prismacolor and odorless mineral spirits....I had to try it. So I bought all the supplies and tried it. I hated it! LOL! But I decided to just keep trying and wow, once I began to practice more and try it often, I fell in love with the results. I must say, tooting my own horn, that I got rather good at it.
Then I started seeing these amazing creations using copics. Sigh. I researched, debated, researched and debated for over 6-9 months before deciding to try the copics. A dear friend sent me some to try and then I bought a few. I liked them but still grabbed for my pencils more often than not since I only had a few colors of copics.
Fast forward to the last few months in which I have been so blessed to have been able to increase my copic collection. I'm using them more and liking the results~~on certain things.
There are some images that just scream pencils to me, like the House Mouse images and a few others.
I also keep wondering if I'm doing something wrong with the copics as I see on other blogs people just showing a few that they used, I use a ton of them. But I like my results so that's the way it is! LOL!
Here's an image I colored~one with copics, one with prismacolors. They both are nice and really, I guess it boils down to your own personal preference.

I will be continuing to use the copics, try to learn more techniques with them and such but I can also see that I will continue using my beloved pencils too.
Isn't that what art is about though.....finding YOUR style and perfecting it? So really, find what works for you and just let your creativity flow!!


Maria said...

I love both your images. . .both colored so nicely.

My opinion between the two mediums. . I use both but I found with the Copics, it's FASTER to color the image. I love the results of both so I don't have a preference with the results.


Annie said...

good to know how you're getting on with the different mediums. I love my pencls, they are my favourite because I think I get the best results with them. But I am trying out different water colouring products just so I can do something else! hugs, annie x

Jodi said...

I love my copics, but have not used prismacolors before. They both look really nice though.
Jodi =)

Heather said...


Both images are colored Beautifully!! Other than one being a little brighter than the other one I do not see any reason to pick one over the other!!!

You are doing a great job coloring with both of them!!!


CraftyC said...

I love using my Copics but at times like to get my Prismas out and Promarker to! Love the way Copics blend, find them much easier and quicker than the Prisma's but like you say, it depends on the stamp and papers sometimes. I recently bought some Derwent coloursoft pencils that I use with a stump and Gamasol and find these alot easier to blend.

Janna said...

Both images are fantastic and it is amazing the differnt looks you can get just by using a different coloring medium. I have to say I love my copics but only because i don't know how to use the pencils with the oderless mineral spirts. That is something I need to work on! You of course color beautifully with them and I really need to get something to organize my stash with the way you have! Looks like it is so easy to utilize!


Karolyn Loncon said...

Hi Danni! Thanks so much for all your kinds words that you've left on my blog lately!! You ROCK girlie! I LOVE my Copics, but I also love my Prisma's - just don't use them as often as I should. It definitely takes more time, but has such amazing results. I'm not sure I could choose between the two. Thanks for sharing!

Tammi said...

Yes, exactly, personal preference!! :)I do what I'm happy with. Both your images are cute Danni!

Sharon Caudle said...

What a FANTASTIC post, Danni!!! I personally love my copics and haven't touched my Prisma pencils since I got them. But I think it's because I rarely stamped anything, and when I tried to use the Prismas and the OMS, I just didn't have a good technique down. Both your images look fantastic, and I've seen so many different coloring mediums that look so amazing! I love your words about finding out what you like and perfecting it. You could not have said it better. Thank you for such a wonderful post! hugs!

marsha said...

I have both and love 'em both! I do think the Copics are faster and really have that "Wow" effect. There are times I just want a softer or more "vintage" look and then I reach for my Prismacolors and the OMS!


Susana M said...

Hi Danni,
I think you said it finding your own style and perfecting it. It may be that copics are what creativity it calling for and another day pencils. I love how your style incorporates many tech's :o)
Hearts and Hugs

Aud said...

I love my Prismacolor pencils, and have never felt comfortable with markers. A few months back I bought som ProMarkers, but haven't used them much. I think they worked well on TGF images, so I'll probably try them out more when I get the stamps I ordered! =0)

Copics, Oh, well, I guess I have to get some just to try them out, perhaps I end up spending lots og money on those too! *LOL* (Knowing me, that's probably going to happen!)


Teresa said...

Thanks for sharing the info. i have wondered what the differences were.

Netta said...

I think the copics are brighter in color. I do not have them and still am considering in the future to buy them.


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