Monday, July 6, 2009

One of those nights...

I didn't feel so hot this morning, my head/scalp got sunburned pretty good on Saturday, so I spent the morning drinking liquids and such to get feeling better. Finally got to feeling better so the kids and I went and saw Ice Age 3 with our friends. (Great movie by the way).
Came home, piddled around here and then my kids decided to go haywire. Not sure what exactly happened as I was outside on doggie doo doo duty but the report I got was Belle hit Matthew in the stomach. Sigh.
Had long talks with both of them. Now they are in bed.....hopefully tomorrow will be better.
We also have had problems each year with these horrible weeds in the backyard. I was so hoping they'd be gone this year....well on my little work duty I see that they are all sprouting. What this means is that I get to dig up the entire yard to kill them for the year. Sigh.
Just one of those nights where I want to scream~ Calgon take me away!
So I guess the point of this long, rambling post is that I'm not going to make it around to blogs tonight...I've seen all the gorgeous creations and loved them all but I'm too wiped out to leave comments.
Hopefully tomorrow will be back to normal..whatever that is. One good thing is that my SU starter kit should arrive tomorrow! Yay!!
Have a good night!

Edited to add~ have you seen this new set? OMG!! I've got to get it sometime!!
Edited again~ I bought that set and this one. Sigh, I have no will power! LOL!


Michelle said...

First off - if you can't have calgon take you away do something to relax so you'll feel better!! SOrry to hear about the sunburn and the kiddos - btw, doing the doo doo duty would be yuck enough, LOL!

YEAH about your SU kit - your going to have some will be like xmas morning.

I'm actually pretty shocked you haven't bought more - you've been doing really good so it's ok that the will power failed this time :o)

Sent you something...should be getting it soon!!

the whimsical butterfly said...

awww Danni sorry you're not feeling definitely sounds like a good hot bath and some sleep is what you need! Hope you get some rest and have a great day tomorrow, hon! Hugs!

KathyJ (Wattle) said...

Oh I'm so sorry you've had such a wretched day Danni! I hope things improve for you!

Sparkle said...

Sometimes you just need some retail therapy! :) Enjoy your new purchases.

Heather said...

Hey Danni,

If you get Pre-Emergent fertilizer and use it on your yard about 4 times starting in March and then every 6 weeks or so it should take care of the problem.

My neighbor Tasha who you made her blog 3 columns for is a Horticulture degree and that is what she tells all of her customers.

Hope this helps!!!


Sheri said...

Danni..I truly hope today's a better day..You soooo deserve it!


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