Sunday, August 30, 2009

Coming soon....

I have a card done but haven't got a chance to photograph it as we had Matthew's sleepover party last night. I'm sooo sooo sooo thankful Sam was home for this as I have alot to learn about boys and the way they are at parties/sleepovers. LOL!
I hope to get it photographed and shared soon.
Oh and umm, I went with what the majority of you have said so far and ordered more copics for my present...might order the Swiss Pixies too...thanks for all the votes and suggestions!!

1 comment:

Karen Wilson said...

Aren't sleepovers fun? LOL!! Glad Sam was home to enjoy it with you. Looking fwd to seeing your card. I have to upload mine for FBW as well later today!! Stay tuned! LOL!


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