Sunday, August 2, 2009


I haven't shared photos of us in a while so here's a few of us before church today. Matthew took the ones of me...not too bad for a 7 year old!


Jacque said...

great pictures...way to go Matthew!!! What a wonderful family!!! Hugs..Jacque

lindal said...

I love your sons smile. Sometimes it is just work to smile. He did a great job with the pictures of you. I hope you got the rest you needed. I really don't know how you do what you do every day. Thanks for all the nice comments on my cards. That is so nice of you.

Kim said...

Wow Danni, all of you look so sweet. Great pics. Hope you have a great back to school day today.

Michelle said...

Love the family pics - you are all so cute :O)

Justine said...

These are awsome and your son took amazing shots. Does your hubby have access to be able to view your photos??
Thought alot about you over the weekend while we were dreading TODAY!! The only good thing about them leaving is that we can finally start counting down until then return vs, when they are leaving ;o)


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