Friday, August 28, 2009


Many of you have noticed my poll up above. Just to clarify, I am ordering from SU for my birthday, but I am spoiled and am going to get more than just that...hehehe! Plus you only turn 40 once, right? I just thought it would be fun to see what others thought I should get.


Lisa Foster said...

I think you should Get it ALL!!! :)

Ann Kranitz said...

Although I feel if you are celebrating you should order EVERYTHING your little heart desires but I have a huge wish list of copics and Bellas so I would love to see SOMEONE get them!!! (hehe)

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

i would definitely want my grubby little (?????) hands on EVERYTHING! especially the copics. my dream is to own ALL of them. so far i'm up to 116!

this is gonna be your happiest birthday yet!


Nicola said...

Ooh I voted you treat yourself to everything Danni. I hope you do manage to get lots of them at least.
Nicola -x-

Anne said...

ALL OF THEM!!! You're only 40 once Danni :)

Copics and also some stamps.

Sparkle said...

Wow, that was a hard one for me. But I picked Bellas, Copics, and CC Designs.

I hope you have a wonderful birthday. Wish it was mine too, lol.

marsha said...

Well..., if you can't get it all, I say get something big! So I voted for the Copics (you can always sneak in a few stamps here and there). But I would also have to say get the ODB Birthday Blessings since it's your birthday!


Heather Schlatter said...

Good for you girl!!! I got my first batch of 44 copics in January for Christmas, now I am up to about 145 but when I went to st. Lois in July to visit Janna and Jess Janna had made me a Copic Book to keep track of what I had and such and so I took all her copics and marked beside them which ones she had that I did not so I could see what the colors looked like and she had 88 copics I did not have!!!

Carpe Diem Art store always has his sketches on sale for $4.25 used to be $3.95 but then Copic upped the price. He has Chiao's on sale for $2.98 right now so that is when I got my last 34 markers!! Now Janna only has 54 markers I do not have LOL!!!!



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