Saturday, September 5, 2009

Thank you..

Thank you so much for all the birthday wishes. It was a wonderful, wonderful day/night.

Now it's coming close to the day we are not looking forward to but must push less than 24 hours we will put Sam on the plane back to Iraq. We have had the best time though and know the next 8 months will fly by.

I should be back sometime this weekend with more creations to share.

Hug those dear to you and tell them you love them......


dolcreations said... heart goes out to you. It must be so hard to let Sam go back. We will just have to keep you
so busy with your blog/cards/challenges so that the next 8 months flies by!

Heather said...

Enjoy your time together!! Have a good weekend!

CLHAJNAL said...

I am so sorry Danni that you guys have to go through this. Please tell Sam Thanks for doing everything he does!!!

Big HUGE Hugs to you guys!!!


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