Wednesday, September 2, 2009

What I've been doing the past few days

Another part of my birthday gift from Sam was new shelves and drawers for my stamp/scrap area and also he came up with a new way for me to store my unmounted stamps.
Here's what my area looked like after the last revision in February~~ click here.

Here's a photo of some of my unmounted stamps a few days ago~~

And then all of those today~

Here's how I'm storing them now...on overhead projector sheets with cardstock behind that for more strength and then in a page protector and in magazine holders.

And here's the finished (mostly) room after today's rearranging of shelves and such.

Now I'm off to play with some of my birthday goodies that came in the mail today~


Nancy said..., fun, fun!!! I love organizing!! Enjoy your new goodies!!

margie c said...

Oh, it's heaven! What a wonderful room! What an awesome hubby you have :)
Enjoy your room and new goodies!!!
TFS :*)
~ margie

kdsmalley said...

Love your new look. Isn't it nice to be blessed with hubbies that enable our habit, or I mean hobby. Looks great, enjoy all those new goodies also.

Aud said...

WOW! It all looks great!!!

Happy Birthday, sweetie!

Huge big hugs,

Nicola said...

Wowee I wanna play too Danni. Your room is so craftylicious and I would never wanna come out of it. Well done Sam.
Nicola -x-

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

looks like a huge room and very well put together. what do you have your punches on? i so need to do something with my punches. my drawer bottoms are starting to fall out because they are way too heavy.
appreciate it.


Mary(OhioMary) said...

What a great stamp space and I love how you are storing you unmounted stamps. Where did you get your magazine holders from?

Michelle said...

Great way to store your stamps! Nice an organized!! What awesome bday goodies!! Can I come visit so we can play?!?!? Enjoy them - you so deserve it!! Happy birthday, my friend!

Anna said...

Wow! That storage helped alot! I have some mine on lamenated cardstock in a binder. I like how you did the sleeve around them. Woo hoo on the loot too!

Sparkle said...

I love your new storage and what fun birthday stuff! Have fun crafting.

Lisa Foster said...

LOVE your Room!!!! Excellent way to store your stamps too! I've really struggled with that one...I'm so copying you! Your DH is a sweetie! Love all your new stuff too...most of mine is here...still waiting on a couple more things! Looks like we really lucked out on our BDs this year! Hugs, Lisa

Debby said...

Clever with the stamp storage. Love your space. Looks like you got some great bday goodies too!

Justine said...

So cozy and beautifully organized Danni.
Well our Birthday will officially begin in 45 minutes here in Italy so I hope you have a Fantabulous day.
I will be posting some blog candy for my celebration if you are interested. Today we are having a Blog Hop and there are giveaways for that also.
Birthday Hugz

stampinfrog said...

Danni your room looks fantastic!Love the idea of putting the unmounted stamps using overhear projector sheets!!!

Christi said...

I LOVE your room! And OMG we store our stamps the EXACT same way! And here I thought I was getting all creative with mine! Hahaha!!

CLHAJNAL said...

WOWZERS!!!!!! You made room to buy some more stuff...and your hubby helped you? I want some of the pixie powder that you have!!!

It looks GREAT!!!!

Karen Wilson said...

WOW Danni! What a great room! I'm waiting for my new one to be 'built' this fall. Our 13 yr old is moving to the bsmt once we finish his room down there and I'm taking over either his or our daughter's room. Depends on whether she's staying in hers or moving to his!!

I think I'd love to come and play for a day! Wow, you have some great stuff!! Looks awesome! Enjoy your goodies!

Sue from Oregon said...

oh don't you love it when things are clean and if it would just stay that way LOL! Do you unmount your SU! stamps as well? I am thinking of doing this with my SU! sets...I have lots of new sets waiting for me to make up my mind LOL!

Katie said...

WOW, what a great room! Enjoying your blog :)

Sue from Oregon said...

Danni, I was getting ready to order some ez mount and found this info on storage that you might need to see, I read this before, but had forgotten.

I don't know if your storage includes acetate sheets, but if it does you should read this! Good luck


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