Sunday, October 11, 2009

Card Ministry?

I know I've asked before but thought I'd ask again, does your church have a card ministry? or do you help with one?? If so, how does yours work? I'm trying to get one figured out and just wondered how others get theirs to run successfully.
Thanks a bunch!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Danni!! I'll be watching your response on this question because I've been praying about a card ministry as well!!Blessings and Hugs!

PS-- Love the new blog look!

marsha said...

Well, I thought you were talking directly to me! I started a card ministry in our church in September. We meet once a month and I ask everyone to bring scissors and adhesive if they have any. I tote all my "stuff" to church, this includes all the tools, stamps, etc. I have asked for funding for the paper and postage. I'm taking baby steps right now, but so far everyone that comes is so excited! PM me if you want more details.


Peggie said...

Mine consists of me sending out birthday cards to everyone. It is a small church and I can do it if I keep on top of it (which I don't always). I would like to expand it but I just don't have the time. Once I did have some ladies get together to make cards with me but I guess I am rather conceited because they didn't measure up to my standards. Of course in their defense they were brand new at rubber stamping.

Kim Y. said...

Sorry, Danni, no help from me. :(

PBrown9624 said...

Hi Danni ~ My church has a card ministry. We meet 1x per month. we make cards "assembly line" fashion. That way new people are more comfortable with the job they have. We crank out about 200 cards per time. The leader designs the cards and brings the supplies. I think the church pays for the paper. The church office lets her know what kinds of cards are needed and thats what we work on. In the beginning we made cards with "less steps" but now she has added extra details so the participants aren't bored. We have any where from 5 - 2o people that show up. The church I attend is a large church so they go through a lot of cards. If you want more info let me know. I can connect you with the lady that runs ours.
Best wishes ~ Pam Brown

Chris said...

Julie Griffith (TAC in Colorado) runs an awesome card ministry and has blogged about it so you can find some examples there. My church buys the cards and sends them out to those on our prayer list - and shut ins. I run Blessings Ink where I provide all the supplies and postage and we meet once a month to make/write cards for the wounded soldiers. Good luck!


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