Monday, October 12, 2009


I have a card almost ready to post. I thought I'd have it for you tonight but it doesn't look like I'll be crafting for some of the night as my older dog, Heidi, has hurt her leg--just twisted it, nothing too serious. But my younger dog, Freckles doesn't understand why they aren't playing and keeps picking on her so until Freckles wears out...hahhaha...I'm going to sit with Heidi to keep Freckles from hurting her more.
I'll hopefully have the card done soon so check back!
Also, don't forget to check Susana's store blog, Follow Your Heart, tomorrow for some FUN blog candy!! You could win a sheet of the new Victoria Case for SCACD stamps that are being released on Friday and the Basic Grey Indian Summer and Basic Grey Eerie paper pads!!


Lisa Foster said...

Well I'll be waitin'!!! :)

Hey Danni...I've been meaning to ask...are you at Fort Bliss? I ask because that's where my daughter is stationed..she's coming home from Bahrain next week! Yay!!!

Kris said...

Family comes first Danni! yes, i consider my pets as family! hope Heidi feels better soon!!! hugs and kisses, Kris

Annie said...

I hope Heidi gets better soon, and I see that Freckles finally got worn out!
hugs, annie x

Debby said...

yeah. and when one doggie is hurt the other(s) don't understand and try to play more. they are the sweetest creatures arent' they? I had a springer spaniel names freckles when I was in high school. such a great dog! brought back memories seeing the name. hang in there. i feed tasha a 1/4 tab of regular people glucosamine and hide it in her food. I have to hide it good though :-)


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