Sunday, January 31, 2010

Not feeling it...

I think all my creative juices are asleep. This week has been dreary and gloomy here in the Sun City and all I've felt like doing is sleeping. I had great intentions of making cards today but the couch is calling my name. I've already dozed all morning on there...LOL!
But I do feel good that I got one Magnolia card done and it was a Tilda I hadn't used. Several friends were able to get a few done sure to leave them some love:
The sun is starting to peek out so hopefully it will stay and I can get back in the routine of leaving comments and all that fun stuff I love. Amazing how weather can affect a person so much!!
I also wanted to say that I've had several people ask where I get my Magnolia's...I get them from Roses on Paper. I just adore Summer who owns the store.
Hope you come back lots this week as I plan on having some fun...with PMS celebrating it's first birthday with a birthday bash and blog hop, Susana is getting some new goodies in and well...just fun stuff!!
Have a happy day!!


Marcea said...

so then snoozy Danni, how are you now you have had a lazy morning, lol. Isn't it awful when you have no energy. Hope the sun shines for you so you can get back on form.

Tina said...

hey there - I totally know how you feel...just relax and enjoy the coziness and laziness of it all - your mojo will kick back into gear soon.


I have a card on my blog that may make you smile - stop by if you have a chance.

dolcreations said...

Danni...why do you think I hate winter here so just makes you feel awful sometimes! I find when I rest up I actually do find some great mojo again! It will do you so good!
Bring on the sunshine!

Jean Addis said...

We HAVE had some pretty strange weather here. Sometimes we just need to give in and let the couch's good for the soul. BTW, it's supposed to be much warmer this week.


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