Thursday, May 6, 2010

The dust bunnies are attacking!!

Sorry no card to share today. One of our big projects that we saved for when Sam got home is in full force-- rearranging the living room-getting new tv, computer desk, tv stand--and having a yard sale. So my house is in utter dismay right now so I was busy helping Sam with things and battling the HUGE dust bunnies that were living under the couch and other furniture instead of creating and commenting.
I'll be back tomorrow for the fab blog hop for the release of PMS stamps!! Hope to see you then!!


Karen Wilson said...

Have fun, Danni!! Sounds like a whole lot of stuff going on in your household!

Lynette said...

Good luck with your huge project! Get after those dust bunnies ... then forget about them again!

juniejo said...

Good luck with the DUST BUNNIES !! when you have finished with your attack would you like to pop over here and attack mine !!!! I want to craft !!!

Shelly said...

Sounds like a project that will be really nice when it's finished. Watch out for sneak attacks from those dust bunnies. :)

dolcreations said...

I just hear total contentment in your voice....and that is wonderful! It is so good to hear your all together having fun! Have fun Danni!!!!

Randi said...

I have dust bears...huge ones!! :o)
I am so behind on everything that dusting is last on my list!!!

Hope the yard sell went well!


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