Friday, August 13, 2010

Blogging and Design Teams

I first started blogging on here in October of! Since then I have learned so much as a crafter, as a blogger, as a person. I've always been asked questions about blogging and design teams so I thought I'd write a little post. 

I am by no means an expert on this stuff, just basing this on my experience!!!

  • How do I get followers?  For me the way that I've gotten my followers is by visiting ALOT of blogs and forums, leaving comments and following their blogs. It also takes ALOT of time, usually doesn't happen overnight!
  • I'm only getting a few comments, how can I get more? Do onto others as you'd have done onto you....not saying you need to spend a ton of time leaving comments but if you like receiving them, why not make someone else's day too! Personally I challenge myself to leave comments 5 days a week and to always find one or two new blogs each week. It's amazing the creativity, kindness, talent and friendships waiting to be made that are out there in blogland!
  • Wow, I see you have some "famous" stampers leaving comments.  At first I was intimidated by the crafters who I deemed Rockstars-- out of my league crafters...but finally I left some comments and guess what--they are people just like you and me!! Don't be afraid-tell them how you feel--if you love their work, tell them!! And mostly, just do it for you--to know you made someone's day, not to "get" more comments or "get" so and so to visit your blog.
  • I've been blogging for a year but still no one visits. I think the main thing is to blog for yourself..not for others. Yes, we like to have people come but really do it for you. After you are doing it for yourself, try posting on a reliable schedule...doesn't have to be every day but often so people know to keep coming back!
Design Teams~
  • I'm afraid to try out for a design team. You'll never know until you try. I would advise finding a challenge or company that you really like and try out for that first. Your enthusiasm will show through. Remember to, if you're not chosen, it's not YOU!! I know from experience that there are TONS of people that try out and it's so hard to narrow it down!!
  • I've tried out for a few but I keep getting rejected. I know for me, I've tried out for ALOT of teams and I've been rejected ALOT!! Yes, it made me sad but then I picked myself up and tried again, and again, and again. Remember, everything does happen for a reason and usually it's just because there are so many people entering the DT call and not a reflection of you.
  • Do I have to be on a design team to blog?  NO!! Design teams are truly not for everyone. There are deadlines, working with other members, leaving comments for participants/commenters, etc. It really does take time so really evaluate why you're wanting on a team....only do it if you have the time and the desire. By no means does it mean anything if you're not on a team, you're perfect the way you are!!
Again, I'm not an expert, these are just some things I've been asked so I thought I'd answer them. I think the most important thing is to remember to HAVE FUN!! otherwise, why do it??

And I also have to say, I was wrong!! I use to see all these remarkable people who were on lots of design teams and I'd think, wow, how do they do that? Must be neglecting something....well, I was wrong. Each team has it's own requirements so even though a crafter might be on 6 teams, maybe they all only require 3 cards a month or something all works out, yes, still takes time but it really isn't as bad as I originally thought so I was wrong. ( Saying this as several of my friends are shaking their heads at me as I always said I'd never be like that...ahem, and now I'm on several teams....hehe..but I know my limits and I know what I can do..and I also have 7 hours a day Mon-Fri to craft now if need be!)  

Okay, enough rambling....have a happy day!! and enjoy life! 


MarieL said...

Love the post, Danni. It is interesting to read what people like to know. I just do it for fun but I also enjoy, when somebody leaves a comment. I think we all want that feedback but it is hard to leave comments all the time. 7 hours of crafting a

Have a great weekend and happy crafting...

Michelle said...

well said! Thanks for being such a wonderful, inspiring person, my DO ROCK!

Kim Y. said...

You couldn't have said it better, Danni! I totally agree with you!

Cyndi said...

wow thanks for the FAQs! really helped put things in perspective!

Renkata said...

Way to go girl!
I love your words.
The most important thing is to ENJOY your self and do for yourself.
Thanks for stoping by my blog.
I visit so much blogs , but I think I was here before :)
Great project on your blog.

coldwaters2 said...

What a wonderful idea Danni to share these FAQ's for other bloggers I am sure it will give many people renewed confidence
Lorraine x

Kristen said...

Great post Danni!

craft-princess said...

Great post!! :)

FibreJunky said...

Thank you for writing this particular post. I've been feeling really down lately, as I keep trying and I keep being rejected. No, I'm not giving up, but sometimes it's just so disheartening.


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