Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Hope that everyone has a wonderful, fun, and safe day today!!

Today I have a bit of news to share. For a while now I have known that I've become so consumed with stamping and all the crafty supplies that go with it..that I was in denial about how much I was spending. Also in denial about how much stress I have been causing myself with worrying about this detail and that stamp and so on.

Things just seemed to just spiral until finally I sat down and woke up and realized what was happening. Something had to change!

So after a lot of thought and discussions with Sam and my good friends, I came to a solution.

I have stepped down from the Spesch Designer Stamps design team, the Whimsy Stamps Digi design team and Paper Makeup Stamps design team. I truly did this with a heavy heart and I am so grateful for each company for giving me a chance to design for them. 

I will be participating in one more blog hop for the Whimsy Digi Team and I will be with PMS for this week's release so check back this week for fun stuff!

My next plan of action is to go back to my stamping roots. I am going to be re-joining The Angel Company

I am also staying on Susana's Custom Art and Card Design's design team. I had thought of stepping down from it too but my heart wouldn't let me. I have been on the team for almost 2 years and truly feel it is where I want to be. I have such a special place in my heart for Susana, I just couldn't step down.

I hope by re-focusing my stamping attentions to these two companies maybe I can control my spending a bit more and maybe make a little too!

So what does that mean for my blog and stamping? Not a whole lot of difference, I still plan on posting daily and sharing tips and such when I can, just I will be using more TAC stamps and products and if you want to purchase them, I can help ya out..hehe!

I will still continue use other companies stamps and papers/supplies (I have too much to NOT use them)--love them too much--but I will not be linking to their stores.

Hope you continue to visit me and join me on this new journey! I have lots of fun and creative ideas swirling in my head to show you!


Michelle said...

:0) You sound so happy and excited!! Congrats - and welcome to TAC...Glad to have ya, lol!

Lorie said...

It is hard to make decisions such as this so good for you! I look forward to seeing whatever it is that you make, with whatever stamps!

Kristie said...

Good luck Danni! I hope these changes help!!

Sharon in Arizona said...

OMG - there for a minute I thought you were going to close your blog - I so enjoy your work, you are so creative and have such great ideas - downsizing is good, that I can relate to - I have had to make a similar decision about the buying thing - I don't have enough time now to use what I have, so have to cut back drastically - you made a very wise decision, hard as it was - best to you - Hugs, Sharon :o)

Anonymous said...

Danni, I can feel you girl!! I thought I was doing the "right" thing as well, but as it turns out....NO! I was actually spending MORE money on SU! than being on DTs...besides, I loved it and thrilled to be back to doing what I have always loved. I totally hear you though and wish you nothing but the best in whatever you decide to do! So glad to hear you are still stamping though! i will go with you wherever you or whatever you are doing!! BIG HUGS and have a safe and happy Halloween girl!

A Cards Delight said...

Danni, I hear you! Last year I was throwing all of my receipts into a plastic container and one day I decided to add it all up. I was SHOCKED beyond belief what I had spent. It is a real addiction. Good luck to you!!

Anonymous said...

Good luck with this journey, I know I have had to do the same thing recently and it is tough at first when you see so many neat things out there, but it does get easier! Hugs

Anna said...

Well, congrats on rejoining TAC. Looking forward to you using more of their stuff. Glad you're staying on with Susana. Love seeing your samples from her store.

ThePurplePlace said...

Bless your heart!

Let's face it you are NOT at all alone, when it comes to spending all the goodies we buy for this fabulous hobby. I know that I spend too much at times too and also need to re-focus on spending less for the next year. I think we all have a bit of addition to stamping, craft supplies and for me (digi images).

I wish you much success in your new ventures and I am very happy you will be staying on at Susana's! I agree that she is such a dear and sweet person! I don't know much about The Angel Company, but feel free to send me some info, as I have heard good things about it!

I also have been trying harder and harder to use my STASH and BOY did I have a Stash!! :) GOOD LUCK !!


Sue from Oregon said...

Way to go Danni! A little balance is this life never hurts. I am with you!


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