Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's Sew Easy--a Danni style tutorial

Before I get to today's tutorial, just a reminder that SCACD is back open for business today!! So head on over and have fun shopping!  Look around as you know Susana will have new goodies in the store!

I know my design team sister, Marti, has (or will have) a video on the Sew Easy tool but I thought I'd do a Danni style tutorial with photos too. 

In case you haven't heard about it, the Sew Easy allows you to sew on your paper crafts without a sewing machine and without having prior sewing experience.
There are many different interchangeable heads/attachment tools for the tool that you can purchase also for different stitch types. 


There is also floss that goes with the tool, but you can use any thread or floss in the tool. These are just a good way to start if you don't have any already and how neat to have 3 coordinating colors together! (there are more colors than the one shown)

I would recommend either getting the mat that is sold to go with the product or using a foam craft sheet--you can get it at any hobby store for very little cost. I also got the tool to work with an old mouse pad--but it wasn't as easy with that. I also got the tool to work with the back of a plastic/foam placemat.

My hubby bought my craft sheet for me and he found a 12x18 size that I just cut into half so I can have an extra for when the first wears out. I love that he got me pink. LOL!

Your first step in working with the Sew Easy is the tool itself. ( just a little sidenote--each interchangeable head/attachment comes with a card that tells various stitches you can do with that attachment--I saved mine for easy reference and the color on the card coordinates with the color of the attachement)

On to the tool~

You want to hold it like this~

Not like this~

You apply medium pressure and go at a medium speed and it pierces the holes easily for you.

The graphic on the top of the attachment shows you where the tool is going to pierce. 

I found that if I place an object that has some depth to it next to the Sew Easy, I can get straight lines. In this photo I'm using the clamshell case I store the tool and accessories in as my guide.

Voila--a pierced line ready to be stitched.

The Sew Easy tool has a handy storage compartment in the handle to keep your needles in.

Once you have your needle threaded, you can use as many strands of the floss as you want for different looks, then you're ready to stitch.  

I have found for cards, it's easiest for me to use tape to keep the tail of the thread secured as I start my stitch.

Then you use whatever style stitch you want, on this straight piercing line you could create any of the stitches they suggest or mix it up to what you want! (for beginners, the easiest is up one hole in the piercing, down the next--you can google how to do stitching as well)

For this example I just did an "dashed stitch"--Danni vocabulary there.

To finish the stitching you can just tape it again to the back of the cardstock.

Easy peasy Sew Easy!!

A few things to note: 
  • I have found that using one piece of cardstock/paper works best. 
  • Play around with the tool on some scraps first so you can get the feel for it.
  • Use the piercing holes to place brads---add beads to your floss-- be creative!
  • Have fun!!!


Lori said...

Great tutorial Danni!!! I see that you have ALL the attachments... can I come over and play?

Thanks also for the tip on Bundle of Love and paper piecing. That's a fabulous idea :)

Happy New Year my friend ♥
Love and hugs ~ Lori

Junie said...

Fantastic tutorial Danni HAPPY NEW YEAR !!! Looking forward to seeing your beautiful creations in 2011 !!

Lorie said...

Hey, thanks Danni! I got this in my stocking (minus the mat but it will be here soon) and was wondering how it worked. :)

Alex said...

Fabulous tutorial Danni! Lots of GREAT tips!

Dana said...

Great tut Danni!! It was nice to see the tool close up and I had no idea you get all those different attachments!!
Happy New Years~~

Anonymous said...

I've seen these and wondered about them....I'm still not sure though!! :) Thanks for sharing!!HUGS

MarieL said...

Great tutorial, Danni.
I looooove your new blog layout.
Checked out your new picture. The kids are getting big. Not much longer and Mathew will be as tall as Mom...
Happy New Year

Cindy Haffner said...

Tooo COOL!!!!

Jennie Reedy - Stampin Up Demonstrator said...

Thanks Danni, I've been eyeing this tool for a little while..I may have to see about getting it soon. Although I have my sewing machine handy and it works pretty quickly...we will see...

Maria Matter said...

Hi Danni!
Thanks for sharing this tut!
Wishing you a wonderful & Blessed 2011!

Dawn B. said...

Now this is a cool tool. Have not seen it before.. Great tutorial Danni.. Thanks for sharing it with us.. Happy New Year.

Shelly said...

Thanks for the great tutorial, Danni. You introduced me to something that is totally new to me. Pretty nifty!

Annie said...

fab tutorial Danni - thanks so much! I will look out for this tool in the UK - could be used with pen stitches too!
hugs, annie x

Carolyn said...

NICE!! :) Now i know how to roll a straight line! :)

Sharron aka Sharrahug said...

Thanks for the great tips! I just bought the tool & can't wait to try it.
Huggies ~


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