Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Seminar Post--warning long!!

Oh my! Where do you begin? What a truly amazing experience! I just keep pinching myself to see if I was dreaming it all.

It was so fun from the minute I arrived at the airport and met Michelle!! I am so thankful she was able to put up with me for all of this, LOL!! What fun we had!!

The whole seminar was just a blur of happiness and information! So much that I’m still letting it all sink in. I have so many ideas!! One of them that I am working on is that with this catalog, TAC brought forth the idea of card clubs.

I LOVE this idea as most of you know, I love sending cards to make people smile and if you remember, I had said I wanted my cards to really matter--to help as many people as I can to find that smile. This is the PERFECT way to do that!! So watch this space towards the end of July for more information on my new card club--Danni’s Dreams Caring Hearts!!

Another thing that stood out for me in this seminar was I CAN DO THIS!! I will share that I had thought about quitting TAC….but this has shown me that I am FABULOUS and I can do this!!

I also really enjoyed all the make and takes! Here’s the project ones we did on Saturday (and one that Holly presented). I didn’t complete all the rest of them as I was too overwhelmed but I have the information and the angels who presented them did fabulous! I didn’t get my bows made and put on some of these but you get the idea and yes, all the stamps shown are new fabulous ones!

seminar1 seminar2 seminar4 seminar3 seminar6 seminar5

Another aspect of this seminar that really stood out to me was the girlfriend time! It was such a blast sharing a room with Michelle and Barb! I don’t know when I’ve laughed so hard or so long! Love these gals! and it was awesome to meet so many other angels!!

Oh and it was such a neat surprise that we had the opportunity to have Susan from Tsukineko speak and demonstrate products for us! I learned so much!! and can’t wait to get some new goodies to play with and get inky!!

I had heard that the other angels did “trades” and “specials” before I left. Well I had NO idea what that was so I didn’t do anything. Well lookie at what I came home with~~even though I didn’t have anything to trade, they still showered me in their awesome creations!! Thank you to all you angels!!!!


I could ramble on and on but I’ll end this with a HUGE thank you to The Angel Company!! I came home with 21 stamp sets and 7 paper packs!! How generous is that?? wow!! So with that~~ I’m off to finish cutting rubber and get to stamping!!

And again I will post this information from my previous post~ I am expecting my catalogs to arrive today or at least this week---if you would like to have one, please contact me and let me know!! I am also compiling a new newsletter/email list so if you'd like to be on that, let me know!!



Lorraine said...

Wow, Danni, sounds like you had a blast! I love those make-n-take cards you posted. And wow, you came home w/ so much candy! Glad you had such a good time!

Chelsea said...

It was fun meeting you this weekend!!

thestampingbug said...

Hey Danni...

Did I get a chance to say HI to you at Seminar? It was a crazy-awesome time so if I didn't, boo hoo...I wanted to say hi!!!


Heather said...

Yes Danni you are Fabulous!!! :-) and yes you can do this! I am so glad I got a chance to meet you and get to know you a little. I hoep we can DRAG you to kansas again soon!


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