Sunday, August 14, 2011

Another art journal page

Yeah, I’m hooked I do believe. I can’t describe what it is about doing these art journal pages that gives me so much happiness, but they do.

This one I just could not get out of my head so I gave in and sat down and just let the creativity flow. A bit different than my first one, no? I have to admit part of me went into rebellion mode when I realized how predictable I was with the pink, and butterflies and “pretty”..hehe..

I truly am loving doing these!! It’s a feeling I can’t describe…but it’s sheer happiness for sure! I love how this came out!

The pearls in the butterfly and heart were done with Viva Decor Magic Pearl Pens. These are just so amazing! The are transparent and then as they dry the pick up the pigment from the papers…and they work best on dark papers. Again, so cool!

But I have to say the photos are horrible of this!! It was so hard to get a decent photo…definitely much better in real life!!


Before I go, I wanted to share an email that spoke to me so much. It’s from The Brave Girls Club--if you haven’t ever checked them out--do it now!! Amazing, amazing stuff!

Dear Patient Girl,
So much beautiful peace comes when we finally learn that there is SO much more to life than trying to have everything, be everything and do everything.
When we can stop and take things in, one at a time, each little thing that we are focusing on in that very moment can reveal themselves as the beautiful miracle that they are. Whether this is a conversation with a child, where we really listen...or savoring every single bite of a scoop of chocolate ice cream...we truly can find everything we are looking for in small and simple things.
It is actually the crazy race for having MORE MORE MORE that takes all of the pleasure out of the little things of life. What if we slowed down...way down? What if we took the time hear our own breath and to be ok with now? What if instead of working hard to get to the next place...we worked just as hard to see all of the beauty of NOW?
What if we really really could be ok with now...with what we have, with what we are, with what we do NOW, today? Can you imagine?
Let’s try harder to sit and hold hands with where life has us in THIS MOMENT. If we could slow down and give all of our attention and focus like we would to a dear friend...and ask questions about this moment, what would they be? What does this moment have to teach, to give...and what is this moment asking of us?
Life can be beautiful today....don’t miss out on the happiness that today has to offer you, dear friend....don’t wait to be happy until things are where you think you want them. There is happiness and beauty TODAY just waiting for you to take notice. Waiting for us ALL to take notice.
What an incredible thing.
We are so loved.

The little details~ prismacolors, white pens, Viva Decor Magic Pearl Pens,



Cheryl said...

oh hun this is one brilliant page loving the layout and colors on this,yes i TOO think we should savour each moment and take time to see what is around us,and slow down,hugs cherylxx

Junie said...

WOW Danni you are doing amazing with these art journal pages !! Like you it is something I have ALWAYS wanted to try but way way to nervous about it !!! well done you ..

margie c said...

Squeee! Love the doodle-y!!! and that sweet bumble :)
So fun and so Danni! I love it! and more importantly, love hearing you say that you love it too :)
Enjoy your day!
hugs, margie

Tina said...

So nice!


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