Thursday, August 11, 2011

Art Journaling

**Warning--LONG post ahead**

Who knew that two words could gather so many emotions in me! On the one hand I’m TERRIFIED to try this but on the other hand, I’m so intrigued that I can’t stop thinking about it and researching it and looking at it.

So I finally took a first step--hehe, a very baby first step, and asked about it on Facebook, because you know you can find out about everything on Facebook. LOL! I was so pleased at the discussion that ensued and also happy to hear that there were others who were like me, scared to start but scared not to start!!

Here’s a few places that got that spark going for me~

I think this appeals to me so much because there really are no rules! It allows you to let your inner self out, to do what you want with those hoarded awesome supplies.

As a child I would doodle, nothing that I felt was art worthy but it was fun. I also use to take magazine after magazine and cut out pictures and make collage after collage! My Great-Grandmother was always so supportive of this, always telling me how nice they were, LOL! Ohh, and I just remembered mosaics..I would spend hours cutting out little squares and gluing them down to make pictures..hehe!

After much thought and then throwing caution to the wind, I decided to just jump in and get wet with this art journaling!

I truly hope it is a “no rules” kinda thing as I am going to use the supplies I have at home to start as <gasp> I’m trying to watch my spending. I gave away all my paint when we moved and really don’t even want to spend $$ on a journal so I’m just going to get creative with what I can find in this craft room!

So without more babble, here’s my first art journal page--be gentle-- I am using just plain old cardstock and then will put the pages together with rings or a binder or something after I have a few more. I decided to go with an 8x8 size. I chose cardstock as most of what I will be working with are copics, inks, sparkly goodies and maybe a few other mediums but it should work out for now.

This page actually was sparked in my brain when I saw the uber cute digi, Searching, from Whimsy and Stars Studio-Mabelle RO. Thought it would be the perfect cover/intro to my art journal as I seem to always be searching for who I am and what I mean to the universe!






I have to say, the hardest part for me is the randomness of it all. I am such an order freak that it was so hard to be random..but I can see that I might start to like it..hehe!

I really had fun with this and can see an addiction forming as I have tons of ideas rolling around in my head. If I continue, I can see an actual journal would be beneficial along with some other supplies--maybe that will be one of my birthday wishes!

Thanks for sticking with me through this marathon post!! Why not go create something for YOU!!

The little details~ digi-Searching, copics, copic multi-liner, SU markers, Crafter’s Workshop mini flutterby template, SU pretty in pink ink, SU beautiful wings die, Martha Stewart punches, TAC retired Sentimental Shapes and Well Defined Backgrounds, Taffy Smooch, DecoArt Ultrafine Glamour Dust Celebration Pink paint,



Sammi said...

This is gorgeous Danni! LOVE your page! AWESOME job!! I know what you mean.. I also find it hard stepping away from the order/ neat freakiness! Lol!

Creations by Shirl said...

Hey Danni~
Luv it! You are so amazing with your cardmaking... This card came out really pretty, luv all those butterflies going on and the sentiments are so precious.... Great layout!

Alice Wertz said...

beautiful page. love love all the details on the background. so much work as went into making this and it's so pretty! looking forward so seeing more! =)

Christine said...

Danni, your page is so perfect for you!!! With the pink and the butterflies, that cute image and mostly the words, it's just beautiful!!! What a great start into art journaling.

I do have to tell you, it's quite addictive. When I could sleep the other night, I got up at 3:30 am and worked on a journal page until 6. Oh, I'm glad you posted this because the one I'm talking about it is my TGF page and need to get it in the galleria before I got to bed.

I'm going to check out some of the other links you have posted!!!

Kristel said...

Wowww this is gorgeous Danni! Love the journaling!
Hugs Kristel

Cathy at Paper Garden Projects said...

Oh cute, CUTE! I love this (had to come visit when I saw it on Facebook). You go girl, this is awesome!

Chelsea said...

I love it!! You did a fantastic job. I need to try this!

nicolet said...

This is really stunning!
Hugs Nicolet

Jess-The Whimsical Butterfly said...

This is great, Danni! SO glad you have taken the plunge LOL! I know- it's WAY more personal than card making and can be scary because of that- but it's such a great thing!

Lorie said...

What a fantastic start to a wonderful piece of history for your kids! LOVE it!

Kristine said...

GOOD 4 YOU Danni!! WOW, I don't know what you were worried about, this page is STUNNING and very artsy, and very ... YOU! *Ü* Love all the doodles, and butterflies, and the wording--it's all wonderful. I honestly wouldn't know where to start. It IS a neat idea though. I can't wait to see more of your pages. Please do share when you get them done. You just might convince me to try it ;)

Dana said...

This is beautiful!! I am so glad you are enjoying it and I think that's the best part about it. I look at everything differently now, even bubble wrap!! So glad to have another cohort {{grin}}

dolcreations said...

Oh no...I know I am going to be hooked on this before you know it. I love this is YOU to a T. I have been venturing down to Bellaland and watching the Bella herself do this...let me tell looks sooo intriging. Emily brings out something in you, I can't explain it....but you know by doing this what I mean. This is so gorgeous....I may have to just do like you did and venture into this wonderful journal page idea! I hope you enter this into the contest Emily has at Bellaland on Mondays. This gorgeous...totally gorgeous!

Shirley N said...

This is awesome Danni, you did a really fabulous job, love it!

Patti J said...

You go girl! This rocks!!! I'm scared too, so maybe you will be my inspiration! Thanks for sharing, and I can't wait to see the next pages!!! Lovin' all the flutter-by's!!! Hugs...

melissac said...

I love your first page!! I am looking forward to seeing more of your pages in the future!! Blessings and hugs!

Desert Rat Vic said...

I LOVE this page and love that you are art journaling and allowing your amazing talents, passions and soul speak out in words, pictures and designs! The page is beautiful Danni- as are you!♥

kurlygirl said...

Hi Danni... I just found your site through Dana's Inspirations. I love your first page! I'm teetering on the edge of starting my own. Just like you... researching, thinking, dreaming about the blasted thing. I will eventually take the plunge... just need some supplies. Thanks so much for sharing!

Heather :)

margie c said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! This is amazing, Danni! I love the way you added your journaling! and that sweet lil girl! So creative and pretty, it's Danni :)
Happy to see that you're doing just what you wanted to :)
You GO girlie!!!
hugs, margie

Kristine said...

OMGawsh Danni... last night I started to click on those links you gave and stopped at Dana's and spent literally hours on her blog. I was totally intrigued... and contanted wowed. I know my won't be anything on that level, but what's neat is it will be "me". Thankks for sharing and enabling... and encouraging :) Hugs!

Jan Hunnicutt said...

Hi Danni,
I linked from Kristine's blog, I love your art journal. I've been thinking about one too and got started the other day but haven't shared anything yet on my blog... but I will :)

I read a definition of an art journal being what inspires us and things we want to remember, I can do that!

I saw your photo of Heidi under this post. I love her smile, we have a Maxine that could be her sister. You can see her as a Chibi with me on my blog if you'd like to visit.

Hugs, Jan

Frank Zweegers said...

Lovely cards!


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