Friday, November 11, 2011

Life is all about choices

Isn’t it funny how sometimes you think you can take on the world, and other times you feel like the world is taking on you?

Life is all about choices and many of them are hard choices.

I’ve recently been faced with some of these. And as much as I agonize over things…sometimes you just have to do what your heart says and also what is right for you at that time in your life.

I am stepping down from two of my design team positions, PMS Digi Makeover team and the Send A Smile 4 Kids team. While I may be stepping down from these that doesn’t mean that I won’t be playing along when time allows me to nor does it mean that I won’t be sending in my cards to Send A Smile 4 Kids--it just means that I’m not on their teams anymore.

While I know some will criticize me and some will understand, in the end all that matters is what’s right for me.

Always remember to follow your heart and do what is best for you!!

danni siggywinter


Lorie said...

No criticism from need to do what is right for you! HUGS!

Jennie Reedy said...

Something I've been learning can't please everyone all the time, but the most important is you and your family!

Jennifer Scull said...

family always always always comes first. you do what is right for y'all! :)

margie c {The Bumble Girl} said...

You said it perfectly, Danni! You always have to do what you feel right for you :) You go girl!!! Many hugs! xoxo

Jean Addis said...

I know these were hard decisions for you to make, Danni. We can all learn from what you wrote. Thank you for sharing your wisdom.

Kelly Schelske said...

No criticism here Danni, you need to do what's right for you and only you know that!

Hugs, Kelly

Carla aka scrappypug said...

Hugs to you!

Dilsaver Designs said...

Best of luck to you, I look forward to your entries at SAS 4 Kids :)

Kathy said...

Always follow your heart and do what is right for you!

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

Well said my friend. I'll miss you on the PMS team, but that's ok....I know where to find you! :) Hugs!


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