Thursday, December 29, 2011

Because I’m nosey…

I was going to make a “favorites” post today only to discover that Blogger is not my friend and won’t bring up all my posts for each month. Sigh.

I store all my photos of my cards/creations by Stamp Company on my computer so that wasn’t helpful for finding the ones from each month during 2011. A friend said she stored hers by month.

So my question to you, because I’m nosey…how do you store your photos of your creations on your computer??

I’ll be back soon with another Christmas card..for the current challenge..yay!


Sue from Oregon said...

Danni, can you go into your google reader and pull up your blog? You could scroll through all your posts that way too.
I store all my pics under My Pictures. I start a new file each year(2010,2011 etc). Then I start sub folders labeled 1-Jan, 2-Feb etc. (the # keeps them chroniclogical) I then save each card in the month it was posted. Works really well! Good Luck!

Shelby said...

Hey Miss Nosey...hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I put my photos (each assignment has a separate folder) in a DT folder for each separate team and then for those that aren't for DT work, I arrange them by month/year. I've found this to be most effective for me since I tend to work ahead for DT work and sometimes the photo for the DT is inadvertently deleted on the DT team blog, and it makes it a lot easier to find the right pic.
Hope you have a fantastic New Year


Kelly Schelske said...

Hi Danni! I have a folder just for my crafty creations and I file them chronologically, with newest first, but can sort that however I want.

Anonymous said...

hi danni! iphoto organizes my pics for me in chronological order so i don't have to. :)

margie c {The Bumble Girl} said...

{whispering... I don't keep my pics, only my top 10 faves in a folder... if I add a new one, an old one must go ;) hee hee... going to go hide now...} xoxo

Chelsea said...

I have an archives section on my blog. I can go back through month by month and see all my doings. My reflection posts is tomorrow.

Peggy said...

Hi Danni,
I use blogger and have "blog archive" enabled on my layout. That way I can see every post for every month of the year.
For my pictures, I store them in folders in "my pictures" on my desktop computer. Throughout the year I put them over into a folder that holds all the cards for the year. At the end of the year and I put the folder over onto an external hard drive (just in case something happens....)


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