Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Waving hello from under boxes...

Just popping in to say hello! We're almost done moving!! Just a few more days! Whew! My craft room has taken the longest, good grief do I have a lot of stuff!! We move all the big stuff on Saturday so that will be our first night in the new house...I can't wait!!

Here's a picture of my craft space in progress. What a mess! LOL! The other room didn't work out for my area but I think I'll love this space with the windows to look out and all!!

Don't forget to stop by the Flutter By Wednesday Blog--link on my sidebar-- for today's challenge!! A big THANK YOU to my right hand gal, Michelle for helping to get the post ready to go!!

Off I go to move some more stuff!! Have a happy day!


Michaela said...

Hi Danni
Your new craft space looks quite massive..... not messy at all... just work in progress (LOL) xx

Michelle VP said...

Looks like a great start! I can't even imagine packing up all my craft stuff - been in this house over 12 years! Glad I could help you out this week. :)

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

How exciting!!!!

Denice said...

What a great room...and with a view!!! Have fun in your new room.

Jean Addis said...

Looks like a beautiful place for your creative goodies. Hang in there! Sounds like you're working your fingers to the bone, but there is an end in sight.


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