Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Really? that long??

I got to thinking about it and wondered how long I've been using copics. I took some time and went through my blog and discovered I started dabbling around with them in 2008!! Wow! I knew it had been a while but didn't realize it had been that long! 

I'm happy that at least I have improved and learned with them over the years. Still more I want to learn but I am happy with my progression.

I got involved with putting new stamps and supplies away yesterday and running errands that I don't have a card to share but here's some fun posts to share~

I think THIS card is just so pretty! I have tried to make this style of card a few times and I can assure you, it never turned out so nice!

THIS card is just so fun! I love it!

I've been seeing these boxes pop up all over blogland and thought THIS one was just adorable!

Have a super fabulous day! I will be spending today updating my Etsy Shop, creating and maybe a quick trip to the zoo.  Keep smiling!

If all else fails, add pink, sparkle and a butterfly!


Carisa said...

It goes by so fast doesn't it?! I think I started in 2009. You should have shared one of your first cards with copics!!!

Heidi Brawley said...

AWE cute card picks!! Have a very Fun day whatever you end up doing doll!! Hugs!!!

Denice said...

I love how you always share other's wonderful works of art, you have such a generous heart!
2008?!! Coloring is theraputic, isn't it?!


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