Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Stampin' Up and Me

How many of my sweet crafting, blogging friends know that I am a Stampin' Up Demonstrator?  Not very many of you, I am guessing, know that. Well, it's time to change that!!

I have been with Stampin' Up several different times and have left several different times but I always find my way back. I re-joined in January of this year, telling myself I was just doing it for the discount.

As the year has progressed I have really loved buying all the great products but have kept very quiet about it all. I told myself I didn't want to be a "pushy saleswoman". 

Here we are in September and I have made the choice to start having stamping classes at my house (and I can make them available online as well!). I had classes ages ago when I sold for The Angel Company and I loved it so I figured why not do something I like and share my love of stamping and creating with others!

I realized as I was preparing things for my first class, (Sunday September 25th) that I really haven't used my SU stamps much. It's like I was afraid to use them as it might appear I'm just trying to sell them. Ya know what, I'm an idiot!

I really love the products and why shouldn't I use them, promote them and if you like them too, sell them to you!!

I mean really...take a peek at my SU stamp section!! See all those with little colored post-it note flags on them? Those are all current stamps! I need to get inky!! And the rest? I need to use them too, I liked them, I bought them and now I need to use them! and this doesn't even include the punches, dies, paper, embellishments, etc!!

I'll end this post for now but before I go here's a few things~

My SU website!! You can shop anytime!! HERE!!!

I just started a Facebook Group- Danni's Stampin' Up Dreams! I will be posting often in there all the specials, my specials, info on my classes, fun projects, maybe a give-away here and there, etc! I hate just adding people to Facebook groups without their permission so I won't add you unless you want to be added but I'd LOVE to see you join in the fun!!

I have links on my sidebar (Over there ----->)  to my SU site and the catalogs!

Check out the current Special Offers- HERE!

Have a super happy, crafty day!!!


Kristie W. said...

Awesome post! I hope you do use your SU more and are a huge success with classes and such! I think I have just as many SU sets as you lol :)

Jean Addis said...

Here's to great success with your SU business!


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