Friday, February 2, 2018

2 weeks after surgery

Here we are at 2 weeks after surgery. 

I fell again last Friday and hurt my right wrist/arm. Luckily it didn't hurt my ankle again. After that fun Sam went and got me a little scooter thingy and that has made the biggest difference. Crutches are so evil!!

I really think the ankle is healing well as I don't have hardly any pain now and it's itchy. LOL! I go on the 6th for my post-op follow up and get the cast off then. I can't wait!!

I am SO tired of being in the basement. I've been here for 2 weeks now. But at the same time, so thankful we have the basement set up like we do so that I'm able to stay here and recover.

I spend my days binge watching tv, playing games on my phone, playing on the computer and lately coloring in an adult coloring book a friend gave me. 

My family has been awesome about taking care of me. Sam got hit with a nasty bug this week so he was down for a few days but the kids helped out with what they could. I'm so blessed.

I can't wait to get back in my craft room! I have tons of ideas in my head!!

Have a happy day and I hope that I see you again soon with some crafty projects to share!


Christine Dol said...

Boy Oh Boy Danni....sounds like you have been through the mill as they say!
In no time you will be up and about and hopefully very soon making cards!!!

Donna said...

Gorgeous coloring Danni!


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