Thursday, January 7, 2010

Sparkly Thursday's # 5- Smooch

Welcome to another Sparkly Thursday!! I think I have about 3 more weeks of sparkly things to show you...hope you are enjoying them!!
This week's focus is on Smooch! It's more pearly vs. sparkly but it does have a touch of sparkle. 

Suzanne has done a wonderful video on using Smooch--click here
A few things, in my humble opinion, about this fab product-
  • Super easy to apply with the small brush
  • dries quickly
  • lots of fun colors
  • a perfect accent for so many things
  • Only thing I struggle with is using it in larger areas but that's not that often
Here's what I do with all my "sparkly" goodies...make a sheet of what they look like with their name beside so I can refer to it when working on a project.

Here's how tiny the brush/applicator is...easy peasy to work with.

To see projects I've used Smooch on, click HERE

And a little birdie told me that there are NEW colors coming out this month of Smooch and Smooch Spritz!! Be sure to check those out!

Come back next Thursday for one of my most favorite sparkly things, Creative Inspiration Paint!


Karen Wilson said...

I know I'm enjoying these posts. I've never tried this product, but it does look very easy to use. I'll chk out what you've done shortly.

Kimberly S said...

Other than seeing the lovely results on your cards, I never had any clue how to use these so I never purchased any. Thanks so much for cluing me in! (and there you go...totally organized with your colors!) :)

Christi said...

OMG you little enabler you! I've been wanting these for awhile and now I HAVE TO HAVE THEM!! LOL!!

Debby said...

love my smooch. and yes smaller areas work best.


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