Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Goodies and a question

**more posts below for today!!**

Susana has been busy again! More new goodies to check out~
How fun, right? I can't wait to go shopping!!

Onto my question~ what kind of adhesive do you use? do you love it? hate it? is it expensive? 

I currently use the ATG gun but am thinking I'd like to try something else...would love to hear what YOU use. Thanks!

Have a happy day!!


craft-princess said...

I use K & Co. Wacky Tape Runner...I love it! Unfortunately it isn't so easy for me to find locally so I might have to switch...sniffle, sniffle.

Anonymous said...

Hey girl!! I had used the ATG in the past and got irritated because it sticks too good and you can't re-position things once it's's down! I have went back to my trusty ol' Snail Adhesive (SU!) or Mono Adhesive. I actually have an extra handle with an un-opened cartridge would love to send it to you if you'd like...just e-mail me and let me know!! :) HUGS

Donna said...

I love my Scor-Tape@

dolcreations said...

Hey Danni...for adhesive I use Zip Dry, I buy it at Stamping Bella but you can purchase it at Michaels.I cannot remember how much I paid, but with your coupon it should be a little cheaper.

Barb said...

Hey Danni! Honestly, I'm a glue fan :) Love love LOVE PVA... no wrinkling, PERMANENT is an understatement, and I can use it for little bitty pieces. The only thing is that I had to transfer it to a smaller bottle with a pointed applicator.

Kristie said...

For most things, I use the Tombow Mono Runner with the dot pattern, it's similar to another one I used to use that got discontinued...

Stef H (Glitterbabe) said...

hey danni! how r you? and those gorgeous kids? hope all is well. hope your birthday was totally rad!!!

i used to use an ATG gun, but constantly had trouble with the roll of tape. it was always jamming. lately i've been using scor-tape and i'm just loving it.

hugs & smiles, my friend

marsha said...

Hi Danni!
Happy belated birthday!

I still love my ATG and I'm not having any problems with it, so if "it's not broke, don't fix it"!
Hugs, Marsha

Danderella said...

Hey Danni, I hear you had a birthday...Happy Birthday!

I use an ATG gun, but the 1/2" one. I'm considering purchasing the 1/4" one so that I can use it on smaller pieces, because I always have to have my Tombow handy for the smaller bits. I use the ATG to save on the cost of adhesive. I'm a bit of a "hog" when it comes to sticking things down and if I am really working and make a card every day, I could use a whole roll a week! Yikes! Good thing I don't drink Starbuck! LOL!

Lynette said...

Hi! I use Scotch Quick Dry Adhesive glue when I can - when my cardstock is thick enough. I love having a second to adjust the layers. When I don't use that, I use my ATG gun - which I really like!


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