Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Whimsy Stamps Custom Design Release!

**This is my second post for today, please scroll down for my FBW post!** 

Whimsy Stamps is now offering custom stamps!! 

There are 35 separate designs in 5 categories: Frames, Simple, Animals, Zodiacs, and Whimsy Characters. We also have an "Address stamps" category with 3 different choices of address labels: one with 3 lines, one with 4 lines, one with 5 lines. These address labels will let you choose a graphic and let you input all your necessary information. 

We hope to add many designs to the future! We're hoping to add some Seasonal designs before the holidays come up, too.

The prices of all the custom rubber stamps will vary from $14.95 to $19.95 USD.

I love all the designs that I've seen, so very nice! Here's the first one I ordered~
Isn't that awesome? So what are you waiting for? Go order yours now!!


FibreJunky said...

That is perfect for you!!

Kristie said...

Oh that is awesome!! I may have to copy you LOL!!

Chris said...

Wow is that ever nice! Thanks for the link. :)

Chris said...

Wow is that ever nice! Thanks for the link. :)

ThePurplePlace said...

Hi Danni,

Thanks for all your wonderful comments, its' been a pleasure to meet you!

Thanks for the tip on Whimsy and the customer stamps too! They look wonderful!

Happy Crafting,

Jacilynn said...

these are fabulous. must check em out

Michelle VP said...

This looks fabulous! I've been wishing for personalized stamps, but most companies don't do names that require 19 spaces. Off to check these out. :)

Justine said...

These were such a PERFECT idea, I have no doubt they are going to be a huge hit. Bout time someone did something different. Love it

Risa said...

Thanks for sharing the info. Danni! Your personalized stamp is "so you" and I really like it!


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