Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sharing a little somethin'

I hope everyone had a great day! I got 3 cards done but ran out of energy to get them photographed and blogged so they'll be coming later.  

I did want to pass on a little somethin' though! Through the suggestion of friends I just signed up to be a Chemo Angel. What a wonderful organization and I can't wait to get started. It's not something to enter into lightly as you really need to be able to hold up to your agreement but one I'm looking forward to.

I know several of my friends are Chemo Angels, so I thought I'd pass on that There She Goes has a wonderful stamp set, Angel Mail, that was inspired by Chemo Angels (the owner of TSG was a Chemo Angel for a while) and it is PERFECT for your cards to your patient! 

Just thought I'd share! For now I'm off to relax and head to bed! See you back here soon!!


Carisa said...

Oooh, I love the idea of being a Card Angel! What a wonderful idea. I'm going to keep this bookmarked. Thanks so much for sharing and what a wonderful way to use this little crafty hobby of ours. <3 Can't wait to see your cards!

Karen Wilson said...

Wow Danni, that's amazing. I would love to do something like this as well. I don't know of it's something here in Ont or not. I'm actually supporting a friend and her family right now as she struggles with bone cancer. It's really hard. Every day is a blessing now and sometimes I wonder what else I can do - but I know just being there for her, her boys (8 & 11) and her mom is enough. I've bookmarked this site as well. Thanks for sharing.

Stef H said...

you will be a blessing to many. it takes a strong person to be a chemo angel.

hugs :)

Patti J said...

So happy to have you as a fellow angel, Danni! You will be a wonderful buddy to someone in need. Did you sign up as a Chemo Angel, or as a Chemo Card Angel? I just do the Card Angel, so I can send gifts when I want to, but am only obligated to send cards each week. Can't wait to see all of your angel creations!!! Hugs...


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