Thursday, December 31, 2015

Hello 2016!

Happy New Year!!

I didn't really set any New Year's goals for 2015 and I wonder if that is partially why I feel it was a year of "un-inspiration".  I don't want to repeat that so here's a few goals of mine for 2016~you might notice my word of the year in each one too!
  • Send out the cards I make to help people smile! I use to do this so often and then got away from it...bringing it back as it makes me HAPPY!
  • Write in my gratitude journal! I want to focus on the blessings in my life and celebrate all the HAPPY!
  • Make time to create! I found myself in a rut always saying I'm too tired to create, I don't have time to create, etc. No more excuses, just do it! create and be HAPPY!
  • Cook and Bake more! Use the recipes I've had for years and never tried! Food= HAPPY!
  • Branch out and try more non-coloring cards, make more "projects" and explore new techniques in crafting to find some new HAPPY!
  • Use more of the craft supplies I already have instead of constantly worrying about new ones! Not saying I won't buy new but I need to focus on the things I already have and be HAPPY!
I hope that whatever goals you set for 2016 that they bring you happiness and love!

Here's to 2016!!

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