Saturday, October 25, 2008


I've been doing so well at keeping the blog posts rolling out.......I set them up to post each day so that you always have something new each day to look at. Wellllllllllll.......I don't have any more scheduled as of right now.
I took a few nights off from creating as I haven't felt the greatest and I've been so tired. But we don't have any plans this weekend so I'm hoping to correct this situation and spend lots of time creating.
So please check back soon and hopefully I'll have new creations for you!


Michelle said...

what you take time off, unacceptable! Just kidding...can't wait to see what you post next!

Tammi said...

It's good to take a break once in awhile...I hope you get to feeling better soon. Hugs, Tammi

Lynn said...

Hope your feeling better soon! Get some rest.


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