Monday, December 8, 2008

My question for today.....LOL!

So I've always either used the clamshell containers that TAC stamps come in or cd cases to store my stamps. I need to figure something else out. I'm not liking how the cd cases are affecting my stamps.
What do YOU use to store your acrylic and unmounted stamps??


Cassie said...

I don't know if I'm much help. I have most of my SU stamps still in their clamshell cases. All my other stamps are tossed into boxes. I used to have them in drawers B.B. (before baby) and I had to give up my whole room to half a room. I am in the process of unmounting them though. What I'm doing is using photo boxes to store them in. I bought those old style photo pages, cut them down to fit and am mounting them to those. I personally love it so far but we'll see. I've only done this with my rubber stamps - not sure if it will work for the clear ones or not!

Do you want to swap some images for Bloomin Beautiful? I'd love some Elmo images and maybe some TAC ones - you could just surprise me on those as I'm not super familiar with that line. Let me know K?

Cassie said...

P.S. I can't figure out how to follow your blog!!! Any hints?

Anna said...

I store mine in binders on laminated cardstock. The cardstock colors change depending on the theme of stamps, ie for stamps for dd, they'd be on hot pink cardstock because it's her favorite color, Christmas stamps on deep red, stuff like that.

Ann Kranitz said...

Danni, Right now I have mine also in clam shells, cd cases and bags but I just recently purchased the Little Monkeys system to hold my unmounted and acrylics. I have not received it yet but I have heard awesome things about it. HTH


marsha said...

Danni, my favorite storage system is the Little Monkeys. I am on my second box!

Jami {sgtStamper} said...

I'm still using CD boxes, but I just saw that GinaK has an awesome new system that I think I will be investing in!!
hugs, Jami


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